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Many people are shocked to find out that BC has no endangered species legislation to protect wildlife at risk, such as grizzly bears, Great Blue Herons, and rare desert plants. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition and took other actions, we’re going to change that.

On February 28, 2017 the Wilderness Committee delivered over 40,000 signatures to the BC Legislature. That number includes online as well as paper petition signatures collected by caring citizens just like yourself! Both the BC Greens and NDP tabled legislation under the previous government to protect species at risk. Now, the NDP are mandated to make it a reality. We did it!

Whereas the lack of a law to protect endangered species in British Columbia leaves over 1900 species at risk without adequate legal protection;

Whereas British Columbia is one of only two provinces in Canada – the other being Alberta – without an endangered species law;

Whereas British Columbia is becoming a significant climate refuge for North American wildlife in the face of rapidly advancing global warming, that is already making life more difficult and uncertain for endangered species;

I urge the leaders of all political parties in British Columbia to support a stand-alone endangered species law that will:

• Protect the habitat of endangered species
• Be based on sound science
• Identify, protect and recover endangered species and ecosystems across BC

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Thank you to everyone who signed the letter

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