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October 2008

Oct 29.08 - Endangered Species Greatest Hits

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“Lek” it be known, endangered sage-grouse numbers on the rise thanks to conservation groups

Jul 20. 15

Have you ever seen a male sage-grouse flirt?  Their elaborate courtship dance is a sight to behold, but a sight that was on the verge of blinking out in Canada –  where the Prairie bird’s numbers were fewer than 100 in 2013.

But this year there was some very good news for these iconic birds.

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Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Wolves in Alberta and B.C.

Feb 03. 15

An inhumane slaughter of wolves is occurring at the hands of the Alberta government. This unscientific and unethical wolf cull is a consequence of oil and gas development, and industrial logging, which have endangered woodland caribou.

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