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Lions, Tigers and Bear Sashimi? Oh my!

Jun 08 2009

Mmmm…bears, cute and delicious! What? You’ve never sampled bear? Well, what about a spotted owl or Vancouver marmot. No? Well you really must!


Or not.


The thought of eating endangered species may seem absurd, however the consumption of certain varieties of fish have been linked to the at-risk status of species such as bears, eagles and whales (link So although we’re not munching on Bear McNuggets, by making unsustainable food choices, we may be contributing some of BC’s most beloved species’ uncertain futures.  


Recently, the sustainability of sushi has become a growing concern; restaurants that continue to serve fish that are not responsibly and sustainably harvested are facing harsh criticism. A popular restaurant which serves bluefin tuna, a popular overharvested fish, was recently visited by members of Greenpeace link ( The group came equipped with imitation menus with dishes inspired by endangered species such as “Mountain Gorilla Seasoned with Powdered Rhino Horn” to illustrate the point that serving this overharvested fish is equivalent to eating an endangered species.


Okay, lesson learned, don’t eat bluefin tuna because it is overharvested. I will just eat farmed salmon, they aren’t at-risk. Where is the soy sauce?


Not so fast...

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