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Wolf Petition

Feb 11 2009


Only a week left to help protect wolves in the Canadian Central Rocky Mountains!  Please help us to spread the word. 
ADD YOUR VOICE.  Spread the word.


 -- Canadian wolf hunting and trapping regulations are TOO LAX!

     - Canadian hunting regulations show that our government only values the life of a wolf at $2.65 in royalties in B.C. when they are trapped, and as low as ONE DOLLAR in other provinces.

      - Open hunting season ranges from 8 – 12 months, and YEAR-ROUND in some provinces below 1100m.

      - Many provinces have no bag limits, and no specific tag or permit requirements to hunt wolves, unlike other fur-bearing or large game animals.

 -- Our National Parks are NOT large enough to sustain healthy wolf packs and ensure their future.
 -- As top predators, wolves maintain balance and ecological integrity.  Wolves are like an umbrella:  by protecting them, we can protect many species under them.

 -- The Central Rocky Mountain Corridor connects wildlife across North America, and we must maintain intact habitat in these areas.

 -- The rest of the world has LOST wolves due to loss of habitat and human exploitation.  Let’s set an example!

If you have already signed the petition, the Canadian Wolf Coalition and wolves across Canada thank you.   Aaaaaaooooooooooo!  For more information about Buffer Zones for Wolves or the Canadian Wolf Coalition, visit   or


90% of all survey respondents have visited on of our National Parks.

75% of the respondents are from Canada.

88% were strongly in favour of banning the hunting, trapping, or chasing of wolves for an additional 200 km around the National Parks in the Canadian Central Rockies, while 5% disagreed.

88% were strongly in favour of restricting the use of motorized recreational vehicles for an area of 200 km around the National Parks in the Canadian Central Rockies, while 7% disagreed.

84% were strongly in favour of creating a land management use plan/policy for 200 km around each National Park in the Canadian Central Rockies to restrict the development of commercial or industrial practices (including resource extraction), while 7% disagreed.

There were very mixed feelings about imposing limits on the number of people allowed to enter the National Parks in the Canadian Central Rockies throughout the year, with just over 50% in favour.


Wolves need extra protection in these areas, and only Buffer Zones will accomplish this, unless the ENTIRE PARK is made larger.

We need to protect our wildlife. I think a buffer zone is a good step in the right direction. 

200km?!?!?? If you're that out to lunch why don't you suggest a complete tunnel of all highways within the Parks to address roadkill of wolves. Come back to Earth, come up with something more balanced.

With the population exanding and the available natural untouched wilderness areas decreasing we are going to lose many species. Farmland is being subdivided and wilderness areas are being turned into communities for humans...look at Canmore and absolutely sick. We have to stop this, nature, land, wildlife and humans are all connected. 

I am undecided on imposing limits to the numers permitted into our Parks. On one hand, I agree that population and overuse is intruding and interfering with the natural habitat that is essential to many species. On the other, I believe that visitors to the parks are more likely to become great advocates to for our esocsystems wildlife... ...Thanks for everything you are doing!!!

Wolves are endangered or lost in almost every other country on earth when they used to be the most widely distributed animal in the world. We should learn from other's mistakes and protect them while we have the chance.

Having lived extensively in the United States AND Canada, and as a proud Canadian, I would be appalled to see our beautiful national parks go the way of the Americans where there is far too much permitted in terms of hunting, fishing, recreational vehicles, and overuse. We must ensure that our parks are kept pristine for our children and future generations. In order to do so, we must protect all species of wildlife within those boundaries. We MUST NOT bow to the pressure of big business who sees only dollar signs.










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