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July 2017

Jul 25.17 - Biologically diverse BC to benefit from pledge for endangered-species law

Jul 24.17 - BC Premier John Horgan delivers mandate duties to cabinet ministers

February 2017

Feb 14.17 - Wildlife Management Roundtable Slated for Cranbrook in March

Feb 04.17 - BC Parks receiving $35M over next three years for wildlife conservation

Feb 02.17 - Don’t drain the swamp! Why wetlands are so important

January 2017

Jan 30.17 - Is That a Turtle Under the Ice?

Jan 24.17 - Kamloops to become B.C.‘s first Bee City

September 2016

Sep 14.16 - Province plays down national park support, files obtained through Freedom of Information suggest

Sep 13.16 - UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada threatened most often by oil, gas and mining

Sep 08.16 - U.S. removes most humpback whales from endangered list

Sep 06.16 - Belarko Viewing Platform opens as bear viewing season continues in Bella Coola

August 2016

Aug 29.16 - B.C. mountain roads closed to protect vulnerable wildlife

Aug 21.16 - First Nations Hand Eviction Notices to Fish Farms

Aug 21.16 - Sorry, we’re closed: activists call off Grizzly hunt in Great Bear Rainforest

Aug 15.16 - Federal government targets bats

Aug 09.16 - Burrowing owls returning to Nicola Valley

Aug 03.16 - Half Measures Aren’t Enough to Save Canada’s Caribou

July 2016

Jul 27.16 - 2% of endangered badgers in B.C. killed off in 2 days, conservation group says

Jul 20.16 - 11 species added to Canadian at-risk list

Jul 20.16 - Sierra Club wants judicial review of Site C Wildlife Act exemptions

Jul 15.16 - You asked, we answered: Why we’re going to court to protect the bees

Jul 12.16 - Biggest ever ‘Paddle for the Peace’ in northeastern B.C.

Jul 05.16 - Study links forest loss in Canada with endangered habitats

Jul 01.16 - Two B.C. men charged with harassing wildlife over viral moose-riding video

June 2016

Jun 29.16 - Close fisheries to save West Coast killer whales, says federal report

Jun 23.16 - Government inaction puts wildlife at risk in the East Kootenays

Jun 22.16 - EXCLUSIVE: B.C. Government Broke Law to Expedite Site C Dam Construction, Legal Experts Say

Jun 20.16 - Invasive American bullfrogs worry Creston Valley conservationists

Jun 16.16 - Limits on wolf hunting removed in large areas of Thompson region

Jun 09.16 - BC policy outlines conservation officers’ discretionary powers in wildlife conflict cases

May 2016

May 30.16 - Life on Peace River threatened by dam

May 17.16 - Govt takes action to protect endangered species and habitats

May 08.16 - Rare orchid’s habitat protected

May 02.16 - COSEWIC scientists not ready to declare species extinct yet, but several are on the brink

April 2016

Apr 25.16 - UVic prof creates new digital guide to plants, animals on BC’s wild coast

Apr 22.16 - ‘We’re at risk of losing a lot of species’: The race to save Canada’s wildlife

Apr 17.16 - Surrey Bend Regional Park opens

Apr 15.16 - Another female calf raises hopes for endangered orca population

Apr 12.16 - Major questions raised at Revelstoke predator-prey conference

Apr 10.16 - Burrowing owls released on First Nations reserve

Apr 04.16 - BC Hydro’s Bizarre, Multi-Million Dollar Boondoggle to Save Fish from Site C Dam

March 2016

Mar 30.16 - Southern resident killer whales to get personalized health records

Mar 30.16 - Vancouver Island’s old-growth forest an ‘ecological emergency’: Sierra Club

Mar 22.16 - Eastern monarch butterflies could face extinction within 20 years: study

Mar 18.16 - Endangered Rivers List highlights threats to BC waterways

Mar 09.16 - British Columbia Government Using ‘Judas’ Wolf in Unethical Hunt, Say Wildlife Advocates

Mar 09.16 - Scientists want federal environment minister to reject ‘flawed’ BC LNG report

Mar 08.16 - ‘Irresponsible’ Nunavut government softens protection of vital caribou herds, angering Inuit groups

Mar 01.16 - Hibernating bears in B.C. waking up months earlier than usual

February 2016

Feb 26.16 - Many species of bees, butterflies are heading towards extinction

Feb 22.16 - The Obama-Trudeau Dinner: Putting Conservation on the Menu

Feb 20.16 - Drones predicted to play a huge role in future BC wildlife research

Feb 18.16 - Sea Urchin Size Matters

Feb 18.16 - Press Release: South Selkirk Wolves Confirmed Slaughtered in Second Year of BC Wolf Cull

Feb 18.16 - On Nature’s Death Row: Squeezed Out by ‘Lifestyle’ in BC’s Okanagan

Feb 17.16 - LNG plant could wipe out salmon in northern BC, Russian researchers warn

Feb 16.16 - BC wolf cull needed to save elk and moose, says biologist

Feb 16.16 - Area to be Flooded By Site C Dam Was Once Recommended as Provincial Park

Feb 15.16 - BC government urged to stop spread of deadly diseases to wild bighorns

Feb 12.16 - Old-Growth Threatened by Site C as Ecologically Important as Great Bear Rainforest

Feb 05.16 - Bighorn sheep in B.C. dying from domestic sheep pneumonia

November 2015

Nov 30.15 - B.C. fishers used to repopulate Cascade Mountains with endangered animal

Nov 29.15 - Killer whale salmon catches all in the family, B.C. study finds

Nov 25.15 - Buy-Low Foods removes all ‘red-listed’ seafood from shelves

Nov 22.15 - B.C.’s wildlife policy skirts issue of habitat loss due to logging

Nov 22.15 - Quebec to restrict neonicotinoids and atrazine pesticides

Nov 18.15 - Next wolf cull to follow into dens

Nov 17.15 - Stoney Creek spill leaves endangered fish either homeless or ‘buried alive’, biologist fears

Nov 15.15 - Time is over for compromising on habitat versus logging issue

Nov 12.15 - Jens Wieting: Why Vancouver Island’s Walbran Valley rainforest matters

Nov 12.15 - Critically low salmon returns prompt B.C. First Nations to call for meeting

Nov 08.15 - Is B.C.‘s trophy hunt for grizzly bears bad business?

Nov 04.15 - Trophy hunting: a bugbear for Christy Clark

Nov 04.15 - Caribou conservation group wants snowmobilers out

Nov 03.15 - Vancouver’s Still Creek sees salmon for fourth year running

October 2015

Oct 28.15 - Northern B.C. caves may be last chance for Canada’s bats: biologists and cavers join forces

Oct 25.15 - Documents indicate B.C. wolf cull linked to forest industry concerns

Oct 21.15 - Scientists use drone to study health of endangered orcas off B.C. coast

Oct 18.15 - Endangered western painted turtles get new beach

Oct 17.15 - Conservation groups ask for better animal welfare legislation

Oct 12.15 - Marc Bekoff and Sadie Parr: Saving wolves with compassionate conservation

September 2015

Sep 30.15 - New parks over wolf cull: B.C. groups

Sep 16.15 - Dozens Of Whale Deaths May Be Linked To Toxic Algae Bloom, Climate Change

Sep 10.15 - Editorial: Save the whales, save ourselves

Sep 08.15 - Orca baby boom: 5th calf born

Sep 08.15 - Grizzly bear sighting near Whistler gives hope for recovery of species in southwest B.C.

Sep 03.15 - Airlifting Pregnant Caribou Away From Wolves

August 2015

Aug 19.15 - Extinction of pollinators could cause surge in malnutrition, disease

Aug 15.15 - Conservationists warn white-nose syndrome’s arrival in B.C. bat populations only a matter of time

Aug 13.15 - Four B.C. whale deaths in a week baffle scientists

Aug 12.15 - Endangered caribou get better start in Revelstoke

Aug 05.15 - Poor salmon run could have ‘devastating’ effects on B.C. wildlife

Aug 05.15 - Humpback whales make comeback in Salish Sea

July 2015

Jul 30.15 - Grizzly bears under threat

Jul 29.15 - Outrage over lion killing reignites trophy hunting debate

Jul 25.15 - Snowpack drought has salmon dying in overheated rivers

Jul 23.15 - Chilliwack Toad Tunnel Bridges Human-caused Gap

Jul 23.15 - NATURE WISE: National park is best option to conserve habitat

Jul 17.15 - PHOTOS: Orca ‘preschool’ in the Salish Sea is good news for endangered whales

Jul 15.15 - Where are the bats?

Press Releases

September 2016

Sep 08.16 - Govt Documents Reveal Huge Support For South Okanagan National Park

July 2016

Jul 06.16 - Environmental groups head to court over pollinator-killing pesticides

June 2016

Jun 27.16 - Greater sage grouse numbers continue to climb in Alberta, Saskatchewan

March 2016

Mar 01.16 - Logging started in Western Toad habitat near Nakusp, BC

February 2016

Feb 23.16 - Imminent Logging Threatens One of “the Great Wildlife Migrations in the World” Near Nakusp, BC

June 2011

Jun 22.11 - Woodland caribou battle goes to Federal Court

Jun 01.11 - Environmental groups applaud NDP motion for ‘long overdue’ BC endangered species protection

March 2011

Mar 31.11 - Government data reveals hundreds of B.C. grizzlies killed by humans in 2010

January 2011

Jan 17.11 - Species-at-risk defenders walk away from NAFTA review process

Jan 17.11 - DFO seeks to undo important precedent for at-risk species

December 2010

Dec 07.10 - Decisive killer whale court win offers hope for at-risk species

September 2010

Sep 28.10 - Scientists urge Premier to improve species protection

Sep 21.10 - Report finds BC wildlife at risk of extinction from inadequate laws

June 2010

Jun 11.10 - David Suzuki Foundation welcomes Species at Risk Task Force

April 2010

Apr 01.10 - Grizzly bears being killed at up to double the number allowed by B.C. government: new research

February 2010

Feb 25.10 - Threatened bears slaughtered in B.C. parks

September 2009

Sep 10.09 - Legal victory for endangered species across Canada

February 2009

Feb 17.09 - Core of Climate Plan Intact but Environmental Groups Say Budget Lacks Green Stimulus

December 2008

Dec 10.08 - Environmental groups worried about bird declines as 50th bird count nears

November 2008

Nov 26.08 - BC’s Refusal to protect endangered species prompts Auditor General complaint

October 2008

Oct 29.08 - Major Campaign Aims To Protect B.C.‘s Endangered Species; Groups take A Poke At Province’s Identity

July 2008

Jul 09.08 - There Oughta Be a Law, and This Ain’t it!

June 2008

Jun 12.08 - Political Interference Endangers Vancouver Island Marmot

June 2007

Jun 07.07 - New research finds B.C.‘s wildlife in serious peril

Latest News

Biologically diverse BC to benefit from pledge for endangered-species law

Jul 25. 17

As Canada’s “most biologically rich province,” B.C. stands to benefit hugely from a long-awaited provincial government commitment to create a species-at-risk law, a senior official with the David Suzuki Foundation said Tuesday.

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BC Premier John Horgan delivers mandate duties to cabinet ministers

Jul 24. 17

Environment Minister George Heyman’s mandate letter stated that he has been tasked with enacting an endangered species law and working to defend British Columbia’s interests in the face of the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

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Recent Press Releases

Govt Documents Reveal Huge Support For South Okanagan National Park

Sep 08. 16

BC government documents obtained by the Wilderness Committee reveal huge public support for a South Okanagan National Park

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Environmental groups head to court over pollinator-killing pesticides

Jul 06. 16

TORONTO — Environmental groups are headed to court in a bid to protect pollinators from a harmful class of pesticides. Neonicotinoid pesticides have been linked to mass bee die-offs and declining pollinator populations.

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