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Reports on Species Protection in BC


    Defend BC’s Wildlife education report outlines the dire need for an effective endangered species law in BC.

    This report is all about understanding the risks to our wildlife and, most importantly, understanding the steps we can take to protect them.

    Author(s): Gwen Barlee
    Published: June 2, 2016
  • BC Species at Risk: There Ought to Be a Law
    Why Protecting BC's Wildlife is Important

    Endangered species in BC need our help, and the help they need is a strong and effective law to protect them. Read more to find out how together we can ensure that monarch butterflies, canyon wrens, and Roosevelt elk are protected in BC now and into the future.

    Author(s): Gwen Barlee, Isabelle Groc, Derrick O'Keefe
    Published: Spring 2012
  • Failure to Protect
    Grading Canada's Species at Risk Laws

    In light of the federal government’s announcement that it intends to amend the Species at Risk Act (SARA) to make it more “effective,” Ecojustice took a closer look at Canada’s endangered species legislation to evaluate the strength of existing laws and how well they are working. The end result? A new report, Failure to Protect: Grading Canada’s Species at Risk Laws.

    Author(s): Ecojustice
    Published: October 2012
  • Open letter to Premier Campbell calling for strong endangered species legislation

    A group of 35 high-profile environmental scientists, invited by Simon Fraser University biologist Arne Mooers, has written to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell asking for effective legislation to improve the protection of B.C.‘s species at risk.

    Published: September 2010
  • On the Edge
    British Columbia's Unprotected Transboundary Species

    This report describes the great importance of transboundary ecosystems and species in B.C., the alarming number of such ecosystems and species that are at risk, and the need for greater protections for them — both internally in B.C. and via improved collaboration with neighbouring jurisdictions.

    Author(s): Michelle Connolly, Keith Ferguson, Susan Pinkus, Faisal Moola
    Published: July 2010
  • The Last Place on Earth
    British Columbia needs a law to protect species from habitat loss and global warming

    This report focuses on British Columbia’s need for a species and ecosystem protection act. It outlines why species protection is crucial, what the law should look like and a recovery plan and longer-term habitat protection.

    Author(s): Sean Nixon, Devon Page, Susan Pinkus, Gwen Barlee, Candace Batycki and Faisal Moola
    Published: October 2008
  • Waiting for the Ark
    The biodiversity crisis in British Columbia, Canada, and the need for a strong endangered species law

    This paper presents an assessment of the status of terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, based on an analysis of conservation ranks produced by the provincial government’s Conservation Data Center.

    Author(s): Faisal Moola1, Devon Page, Michelle Connolly, and Lindsay Coulter
    Published: May 23, 2007
  • Wildlife Act Review Submission
    A Formal Letter to BC Government Officials

    The following is divided into three parts: (1) comments on the appropriate process for defining the content of an amended Wildlife Act; (2) introductory comments; and   (3) specific comments on the Discussion Paper.

    Author(s): Devon Page, Sierra Legal
    Published: July 18, 2007
  • Biodiversity: Journal of Life on Earth
    Spotted Owl Reports

    Author(s): Biodiversity Journal
    Published: Volume 6, Number 4 - February 2006
  • Rich Wildlife, Poor Protection
    The Urgent Need for Strong Legal Protection of British Columbia's Biodiversity

    British Columbia has been blessed with exceptional biodiversity.  B.C. is Canada’s richest province, biologically. It hosts 76 per cent of Cana-  da’s bird species, 70 per cent of its freshwater fish species, and 60 per cent of its conifer species.

    Author(s): David Suzuki Foundation and Sierra Legal
    Published: 2007
  • BC’s Mountain Caribou
    Last Chance for Conservation?

    All mountain caribou in Canada are nationally designated as ‘threatened’.  Threatened status means that action is required to improve caribou survival in order to avoid extinction.

    Author(s): Forest Practices Board
    Published: September 2004
  • A Lack of Direction
    Improving Marbled Murrelet Habitat Conservation

    Board to make a special report respecting a matter relating to the exercise of the Board’s duties.  The Chair released such a report in 2003, about the management and conservation of nesting habitats for BC’s marbled murrelets (MAMU), a small seabird that nests in relatively large patches of old forest….

    Author(s): Forest Practices Board
    Published: September 2004