The Campaign

BC’s Biodiversity at Risk

We all have a vested interest in the future of British Columbia’s ecosystems and species at risk. You are in good company: polls show that over 85 percent of British Columbians want a law that will protect the 1900 species at risk that call this province home.

As one of the last places on earth for many unique creatures, and a globally significant climate refuge for North American wildlife, the BC government must enact an effective endangered species law.

This is our province, and this is our campaign. There oughta be a law!

We can hit you with numbers: 3600 species call BC home, at least 1900 of those are at risk - but statistics might not move you to take action.

It's when things get personal and close to home that we start paying attention, and start caring. It's when you remember what frogs used to sound like at a pond when you were a kid, and you realize you haven't heard them for years; or when you realize that a powerful creature like the Grizzly Bear, despite all of its natural strength, is struggling to survive. It's when we realize that an endangered species law isn't just about the health of endangered species, but about the health of ALL wildlife, including ourselves, that real change is possible.

On these pages you'll find opportunities to begin voicing your concern about the fact that BC doesn't have an endangered species law. Whether it's following us on social media, sharing a video with friends, or downloading an endangered species ring tone, we want to put tools in your hands and let you decided what the best way to protect endangered species is.